Our Team at a Glance

Recently expanded from Buffalo, NY - MYA Acquisitions continues to share "Work Life Balance". While our team works hard, we also enjoy.


Every milestone our company hits - everyone is acknowledged, applauded & rewarded. 

While providing opportunities to our Clients, as well as our employees - we have grown to become the leading sales firm in Ohio. Our team plans to hold this position as we continue to grow.


MYA Acquisitions is staffed with some of the top Sales Performers throughout the East Coast. Check them out at National Conferences while they are acknowledged for their hard work!

Our team works with many of the nation's leading organizations, enabling them to innovate and expand their business.

By focusing our efforts on a direct, relationship-based marketing approach, we are able to bring our clients life-long customers with increased brand recognition.

National Conference

Hands on training from Management is provided for both our Retail Settings and our in Office Settings. We believe in providing all we can for our employees, clients and future partners. 

As one of our clients, you can count on our relentless execution to help reach your target. Our company only promotes within, and provides all opportunities and training needed to succeed.

MYA Acquisitions is always on the go - do you think you can keep up? Check out our Career Information & apply now!